Sophie Lovett


Why I love the OUTDOOR ATHLETE and OUTDOOR Exercise


Joining The Outdoor Athlete Bootcamp in St Albans has been transformative. Since leaving education in the early 2010s, I’ve dabbled with this sports team or that gym membership. But nothing ever stuck.


Without exception I was either too intimidated by the exercise-class-cliques, felt out of my depth or simply lost momentum. I was always slightly jealous of my brothers being able to play football, as it seemingly transcended age and ability. Unfortunately, no sports I played growing up had local female sides and, if they did, didn’t have options based on ability (or entire lack there of!).


Inevitably I’d join a gym in St Albans or near work and end up cancelling my membership(s). With minimal structure to my fitness ‘timetable’, coupled with increased lack of motivation, it felt as though all exercise-efforts would never and could never endure.


It’s never been easier to admit how wrong I was…


Upon passing a group of people in St Albans in Verulam Park, who looked bizarrely happy at being put through their paces in a Bootcamp style workout, uncharacteristically I decided to sign up and haven’t looked back since.


Taking the plunge can be daunting. However the trainers alleviated my ‘first-day’ fears by taking me under their wing from the outset. They ensured I knew what to do and where to be at all times. I may be one of the newer members, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way!


It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like, having gone outside and put in more than I could ever imagined I’d be capable of, is the best feeling. So much so, that friends and family often remark on the changes witnessed in me since having started. Joining OneAthelete is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


If you’re thinking of joining - Just do it!